Scaling Trust For EU Business

Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain platform managed and governed by experienced validators registered in the European Union.

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Built from the ground up for businesses in the EU

Almost all blockchains on the market pose significant risk with EU regulations. Our team has architected a blockchain solution that was tailor made for businesses operating in the European Union. 

Why is Europechain important?



One of the biggest benefits of Distributed Ledger Technology is the ability to audit and confirm information in a secure way, without the need for intermediaries. Europechain provides all of these benefits with none of the risks associated with public blockchain networks.


Enterprise Scale

Using a blockchain doesn't have to be expensive or slow. Utilizing the power of EOSIO software our team has created a hybrid of public and on-demand private blockchain networks. Our solutions do not sacrifice the scalability that is so crucial in the success of modern high performance business applications. 


Automated Compliance

We're actively building a suite of tools, resources and partnerships inside the European Union for the Oil, Gas, Energy, Agriculture Industrial, Real Estate, Government, Construction, Health & Hygiene and Transport industries. EU enterprises will be able to automate a large portion of their compliance.

Meet the team

Rhett Oudkerk Pool
Rhett Oudkerk Pool
Roman Skaskiw
Roman Skaskiw
Sharif Bouktila
Sharif Bouktila
Sudip Banerjee
Sudip Banerjee
Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Jetse Sprey
Jetse Sprey

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A considerable effort went into crafting a solution that meets all regulatory requirements in the European Union. Read about how we have solved many of the most difficult problems facing businesses looking to leverage blockchain in the EU.

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A blockchain protocol built for European business


We have a clear picture of where we are going and how we will get there

  1. October 2018
    Whitepaper V1.0
  2. Feb 2019
    WordProof Partnership
  3. March 2019
    Test-Net Launch
  4. April 2019
    Capptions Partnership
  5. May 2019
    Rapid POC Launch
  6. June 2019
    Public Chain Launch
  7. July 2019
    Partnership Program Launch
  8. August 2019
    FACT App Launch
  9. October 2019
    XEC Presale
  10. January 2020
    Private Chain Launch
  11. March 2020
    Partnership Dashboard
  12. June 2020
    Regional Chain Expansion