We are a consortium of blockchain experts with over 40+ years of combined experience growing, scaling and securing businesses technology in Europe.



Growing blockchain adoption in the EU

Europechain was established to help accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the EU. We have crafted a toolbox of infrastructure, resources, industry specific templates and regional parters to help businesses in our region take advantage of this new technology with less risk and in the most cost effective way.

Leadership Team

Rhett Oudkerk Pool
Rhett Oudkerk Pool
Roman Skaskiw
Roman Skaskiw
Sharif Bouktila
Sharif Bouktila
Sudip Banerjee
Sudip Banerjee
Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Jetse Sprey
Jetse Sprey
Josep Rosich
Business Development
Adam Bouktila

Founding Partners

  • EOS Amsterdam
  • EOS Dublin
  • Cryptolions
  • Dutch EOS

Frequently Asked Questions

A blockchain is simply a way to store data which when distributed across many instances becomes a trusted record of transactions. Each block has a reference to the previous block forming a chain of blocks. Data on a blockchain can not be changed as many copies exist, using it allows new types of applications to be created.

Europechain enables GDPR compliance for businesses around the world. Powered by the EOSIO protocol, it is managed and governed by experienced block producers registered in the European Union. Europechain brings together an ecosystem of technology providers, system integrators and commercial partners enabling global enterprises to deploy scalable, resilient and EU compliant applications.

EOSIO is a next generation blockchain operating system. It has solved the scaling and inefficiencies of previous approaches by using a consensus mechanism where trusted entities validate the transactions. EOSIO blockchains have achieved thousands of transactions per second and after just 12 months of being live, account for the majority of blockchain transactions globally.

XEC tokens are the unit of account or “fuel” that runs Europechain infrastructure. XEC tokens represent a percentage of the network bandwidth and holders of the token will be able to use the network resources to build and run dApps (decentralized applications). Holders who are not running or using dApps themselves can lease or allocate their tokens to other users of the network.

Europchain will be pre-selling 10% of the total supply of the network from July. Further token sales will be announced once confirmed.

Europechain Mainnet will be live from 20:00 UTC July 1st 2019.

Yes we have an amazing group of block producers and commercial partners supporting this project. Each will be announced after the Europechain Mainnet is live. Our Founding Teams are EOS Amsterdam , CryproLions , eosDublin and Dutch EOS. Each has built a stellar reputation in launching and running EOSIO blockchains.

Yes we offer both online and in person training, workshops and incubator services. Contact [email protected]

Yes Europechain is part of the active and vibrant EOSIO developer community. Come join our Telegram group and we can connect you to leading experts and resources. https://t.me/europechain

There are different price structures based on your goals. To recieve pricing for running an application, developing a proof of concept, or consulting services, contact [email protected]

To offer global businesses world-class infrastructure and services to be able to build and deploy blockchain powered applications in an EU compliant way. Europechain will be the European HQ for the EOSIO community.

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