Blockchain as a Service

Run your application and pay for only what you need each month via a traditional invoice. No need to hold crypto.

  • Blockchain as a Service

    Europechain's main objective is to increase adoption and help organisations realise the benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT). Europechain lowers the barrier to entry by removing the complexity surrounding the running, management and hosting of a blockchain environment. The Europechain Blockchain as a Service model offers affordable monthly payments which are billed in traditional FIAT currencies.

  • Standard Offering

    With the Europchain blockchain as a service (BaaS) offering, users can quickly configure an EOS.IO environment from a number of pre-defined options. This standardized offering will allow for enhanced monitoring and management of the blockchain, while removing the complexity of building a chain from the ground up.

  • Managed Service Solution

    Europechain will take charge of the complexity and will provide industry-leading support throughout the duration of activity with the chain. Europechain will handle areas such as bandwidth management, resource allocation, node requirements, and provides security features like real-time monitoring and prevention of malicious hacking attempts. Using the Europechain BaaS service will allow your team to focus on the value-add properties of the blockchain without worrying about the health and resilience of the network.


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