Selling Gift Vouchers to Boost Working Capital

Selling Gift Vouchers to Boost Working Capital

April 7, 2020

Online Gift Vouchers offer retail SMEs much needed working capital during the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retail outlets are under severe pressure and many face bankruptcy or long term closure. For businesses that have seen a major disruption or have been forced to close, promoting and offering online gift vouchers is one of the best short-term options for bringing in revenue. 

The GiftVoucher tool from eosDublin and the enterprise blockchain Europechain, allows both supporters and customers of retail businesses to buy vouchers immediately which can be redeemed during the crisis and after, providing cash flow now for products, and services in the future.  Retailers can choose to promote or discount the vouchers to bring in revenue now, which can provide them essential support during these trying times. 

The voucher system comes with a comprehensive sales dashboard with real-time sales, monthly sales reports with the ability to drill down, and an ability to forecast incoming redemptions. The system can also be used to track performance, redemption and refund ratios, as well as, a breakdown of sales by the member. 

Sign up process

Businesses can sign up here and there will be no commission on voucher sales until July 1st, 2020. To configure the account, simply add company profile, add voucher settings and connect your Stripe account for accepting card payments.

Voucher settings can be configured to reflect the business terms and conditions. The min/max value of the voucher and increments can be set as well as voucher branding and advertising. Voucher re-issuing, refunding and redemption policies are at the discretion of the individual businesses.

Each account will have a unique voucher URL which can be added to any website or social media page, once the voucher is purchased a PDF copy is transmitted to the user with the voucher code secured on Europechain. 

To redeem the voucher, enter the voucher code in the ‘Redeem’ or ‘Reports’ section and select the amount to redeem.

The system allows for the creation offers, specials and discounts that can be distributed to your customers. Set limits and track sales of each individual offer. 

The platform was developed by eosDublin and in 2019, the team linked up with the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) and Europechain to deliver an Ireland gift voucher program that can be redeemed at any of the 3000+ members of the RAI. It’s the world’s first universal voucher platform powered by Blockchain Technology.  

Visit to register with 0% commission for 3 months (April-July). If referred to by a Europechain Partner or Ambassador, please let us know in the form provided.

Businesses around the globe are being forced to adapt their business model or risk closure, the system is a tool that can be deployed today to help them in that fight.  

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