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Originally the European Economic Community was just that – a community that enabled the easy trade between the member states set up in 1957 by the Treaty of Rome. Given that Europe is a fairly small area geographically with multiple land borders, it made sense to simplify the business of doing business with neighbours. Over time it has expanded its jurisdiction considerably with common laws, common currency and even the talk of a common army. There is also a national anthem for the European Union (as it became in 1993) and which, this year, at the start of the new Parliament Session, the Brexiter Candidates from the UK refused to honour, preferring instead to turn their backs stating that the EU was a collation of nations, not a nation-state in its own right.

Britain may be leaving the EU on October 31st 2019, if the newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson can be trusted, even if it means crashing out without a negotiated exit. This promise is already under fire, as any decision needs to be agreed in Westminster and no further reopening of negotiations is being entertained by Europe. However, if Britain is in or out, or even doing the hokey pokey, it still has to operate under the newly installed GDPR rules if it wishes to continue to do business within EU markets.

In that way, Britain will join the rest of the world in looking to do business in the EU. The emphasis on protecting EU citizens has a serious impact on how non-EU businesses must operate within the EU.

Why is there such a desire to do business in the EU, especially in light of the new GDPR legislation with its terrible bite? Already two major corporates have their knuckles rapped in hefty fines. British Airways was hit by €205.7 million and the Marriott group 111.5 million. Interestingly, both fines were imposed by the British Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
The reason why the EU is still a hugely attractive marketplace is just this sophistication. Business in the EU attracts high margins, is conducted using safe commercial practices and avails of strong legal protection. Any company wishing to go up the value chain will by default have customers in the EU. The protections swing both ways.

Europe showed its hand early in 2015 when protection for its citizens began to gain attention. A Eurobarometer survey carried out by Eurostat in 2015 interviewed almost 300,000 citizens from all EU states and found that more than 81% of respondents felt that they do not have complete control over their personal data. In the same survey, just 89% of respondents believed they should have the same rights and protections over their personal information, regardless of the country in which the organisation offering the service is established. This point is critical to the workings of GDPR. Furthermore, some 69% or respondents believed that the collection of their data should require their explicit approval.

Guiding principles behind the legislation also include the protection of children with regard to data that might live online, long after injudicious behaviour has been put aside as they passaged into adulthood.

Corporates wishing to do business in the EU understand the payoff between getting access to a mature, wealthy and discerning marketplace, and a populous that demand the highest standards of privacy and data protection are met.

It can be a tricky tightrope to walk. The trust goes both ways. The 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer addresses the increasing demands on trust – whether enshrined in law or desired by surveyed stakeholders.

Trust is a slippery connotation. The Edelman report points to a dramatic shift in trust levels over the past two decades. Twenty years ago, Trust trickled down from above, like its sister in economics, and both have largely been discredited since. Ten years ago, subjects surveyed by Edelmen looked to peers for Trust. This year, the search for Trust has swivelled dramatically to the respondents for closer relationships with their employers in order to find Trust.

The increasing dependence on Trust is also not without conditions. Respondents demand that Employers do good, that they deliver for society and not just the shareholders, and ultimately they called upon their employers to speak up for and on their behalf. Interestingly, technology employers still feature as the most trusted sector – but only just. The tech lash is happening, although respondents are increasingly differentiating between social media tech giants and companies that deliver other tech solutions.

Europe remains the most trusted place to do business, Trust in the European Union increased in 22 out of 26 nations surveyed globally by Edelman, making Europe the most trusted region globally.

Which brings us back full circle to personal data and its protection. To operate one of the most trusted business environments globally, the citizens of that marketplace also have to be protected.

The irony is that the two large fines, first out of the tracks, relate to centralised databases and the management of same. Both corporations enjoy high levels of brand awareness and trust – but they were let down by their technology. If there was a way to hold data in a trusted manner and not accessible to easy hacking, that would be a great idea.

Oh, there is. Meet Europechain…

Trust in a trustless world.

malta award

Malta Awards Europechain with the title of adoption ambassador at AIBCSUMMIT 2019

EuropeChain wins Adoption Ambassador at AIBCsummit 19

EuropeChain, the EU-trusted, enterprise-grade blockchain, has been awarded the Adoption Ambassador award at the second Malta AI and Blockchain Summit.

The second Summit attracted more than 5500 delegates from around the world with key names such as Roger Ver, Tone Vays, Vinay Gupta and Larry Sanger speaking on the stage.

EuropeChain fought off tough competition to make it to the final cut and then to win the overall award. The trophy made it safely home to Dublin where Sharif Bouktila can be seen here holding the classic award.

Rhett Oudkerk Pool, CEO of EuropeChain said: “It is wonderful for EuropeChain to be selected as an Adoption Ambassador. EuropeChain is an initiative from 5 European EOSIO block producers to bring to market the first GDPR and AML5-compliant, public blockchain. EuropeChain will offer enterprise clients public and/or private chains, is SEPA-compatible and offers procurement teams normal terms of business, diminishing some of the risk associated with adopting the nascent technology.

“We believe to make blockchain adoption happen at the enterprise level we need to offer products and services that are properly governed, EU-law compliant, with minimal transaction costs, robust developer tools and a growing ecosystem of supporters and DApps.

“To accelerate market adoption EuropeChain will launch several applications on top of the EuropeChain mainnet including WordProof, an App connecting the WordPress ecosystem to the EuropeChain mainnet and Capptions, a process management tool that transforms the way enterprise collect, share and analyse data.  ”

The Malta AI and Blockchain Summit also boasted a packed expo floor which was a highlight for many of the 5500+ delegates who attended, providing invaluable networking opportunities and great deals to be made and relationships developed.

The summit closed with a number of treats for guests, including the traditional closing night celebrations, held at Casino Malta InterContinental, a Crypto Cruise, VIP dinners, and a relaxed Saturday pool party at Skybeach InterContinental.

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FACT App now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

FACT is a blockchain application for businesses to build custom templates, drive efficiency, ensure compliance and increase visibility.

Download it here:



Deployed on Europechain, an enterprise-grade, GDPR complaint EOSIO blockchain.
App description (extended description, max 4000 characters)
FACT brings business process to the blockchain allowing organisations to record tamper-proof events and observations to ensure compliance, security and visibility.

One of the key features of the blockchain is immutability, businesses can now utilise this functionality to timestamp, observe, action and verify processes on the blockchain.

Whether it is manufacturing, property management, rental car, automotive, security, aviation or healthcare, FACT can be used by organisations from any vertical to increase visibility and ensure compliance & accountability.

Using the Europechain blockchain, FACT will enable real-time verification, workflow automation and quality assurance. Users can create their own custom checklists, processes and observations.

Date & time stamp
Include photo, video and speech recordings
QR & NFC codes
Electronic signatures
FACT will allow administrators to create, edit and manage digital form templates for mobile workers. Below are some of the ways that businesses can use FACT by

Inspection Forms
– Audit Forms
– Safety Forms
– Checklists
– Sales Order Forms
– Work Orders
– Invoices
– Timesheets
– Kiosk Surveys
– Surveys
– Visit Reports
– Inspections
– Time-tracking
– Job Reviews
– GDPR Checks
– ISO Checklists
– Management System Audits (ISO, GDPR, Safety)
– Drivers’ Safety Reviews
– Vehicle Inspections
– Lean Improvement Walks

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WordProof: Digital truth for WordPress

Here at Europechain, we’re all about exciting partnerships. One of our business partners is developing an application called WordProof, and we’re beta-testing it on this site! This application is a plugin for WordPress that lets you time stamp any post to the blockchain. It’s a simple application that works perfectly and could have profound effects for online information.

Our screens are flooded with information that, though presented as journalism, often have a poor relationship to the facts. With WordProof, a writer can verify their work on the blockchain for everyone to see. You might think of it as digital version of a notary public. The implications for WordProof are pretty staggering! Any writer can prove they wrote their own work. How do you know you can trust a news source? With widespread use of WordProof, you could see a complete list of a single author’s work all across the web.

Here’s the verified record on the blockchain that I wrote this article:


The title and content are stored in the encrypted hash and the link to the post is noted in the memo. Think for a moment of some of the implications of this simple notary process. How can an author notarizing their work online change digital journalism? Well, for one thing it can end plagiarism! In this era it sometimes seems like a story breaks simultaneously from every direction, but using this tool, authors can prove that they wrote the first article on a given subject.

What about quotes?  Can you think of a time when a someone claimed to be misquoted or had their words taken out of context? The person speaking can connect their account to an article via Wordproof and submit a verification to say that they were quoted correctly. Imagine an online magazine with the tagline: “Your source for digital truth.” Where every article and every source could be trusted and you, the reader, can explore all of the verifications for yourself. This is technology we desperately need, and it can help usher in a new era of digital truth in online journalism.

Have you ever seen a news story that featured an image which later turned out to be digitally manipulated? Here are two examples from recent years:

WordProof can fight fake images by allowing photographers to timestamp their work. If you need any further assurance that digital truth will become more and more important in the next few years, just take a minute and look up deep fake video. 

Well, we’re beta-testers! This blog post could be one of the first articles certified by WordProof, but likely a few years from now every online news service will be using it. For the moment it is great to know that everything we write comes with it’s own blockchain certification.

Would you like to meet up with our experts to discuss your blockchain application and the world of possibility awaiting you as a Europechain partner?

Join an upcoming partner tour here.

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Futureproof in the European Union

Blockchain technology is already here. You might have heard about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. The creation of currency was the simplest application of the technology and proved the concept of the bitcoin network, which operates at around 3-10 transactions per second.

Blockchain has come a long ways in 10 years, and the underlying technology behind EUROPECHAIN operates at close to 10,000 transactions per second. That’s as fast as a commercial grade central server, and fast enough to power any number of new business applications. When you build your business application on EUROPECHAIN it will be unhackable. No more stolen data nightmares for your customers, no more costly server management, and you don’t need to hire a specialized technical team. EUROPECHAIN offers full support and consultation.

We’ll build the right blockchain network for you. You can connect your business directly to EUROPECHAIN and work with our blockchain, or you can build a proprietary public network for your customers. You might need a locked network to be used internally.

If you do business online in the European Union, you can’t afford to miss this conversation. In the next decade data security will become a defining issue, don’t be left behind. The blockchain technology experts of EUROPECHAIN have years of experience building blockchain networks, and we can make your transition to secure data effortless.

Whatever your vision, or if you’re not quite sure what would be best for your company, we’re here to help. Contact Us


Internet 2.0: Secure Data Transfer

If the basic premise of the internet is digital data transfer, blockchain technology represents a simple yet fundamental shift, and an obvious step forward. The premise of blockchain technology is secure data transfer.

Imagine you are making a spreadsheet on excel, this spreadsheet holds a record of all of the emails you’ve sent and received and can easily be altered and changed as well as read by the owner of the email service you use. That’s a good approximation of the internet in its current state. Most server technology relies on a rewritable database structure and requires a hosting company to maintain it.

Now imagine another excel spreadsheet, one where you can only add to it but can never alter an entry once you’ve made one. Everyone on the network can write to this database, but only you can see your entries, because they require a special key to unlock. There’s no central company governing it, each user manages their own transactions. This is blockchain. It is immutable, unhackable, and secure. It is a simple idea which will transform business.

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EUROPECHAIN founders discuss their vision

Blockchain technology is no longer a computer science project. The first blockchain emerged 10 years ago and the technology has changed drastically since its inception. It is now many thousands of times faster and completely carbon neutral. With high-speed transactions, completely unhackable security, and the fact that it costs less then a commercial server, businesses simply can’t afford to ignore this technology.

The truth is it isn’t that radical, it’s just better. Almost every web application is built upon SQL database technology. EUROPECHAIN blockchains connect easily to existing SQL database technology. You can easily upgrade your infrastructure and we’ll help you through every step.

Blockchain has been a global initiative, but as residents of the European Union, we wanted to create something more to serve the businesses around us. We decided to work together to support the businesses we use every day, our friends and neighbors across Europe. EUROPECHAIN is fully compliant with the GDPR and all European Union laws. We wanted to remove all of the barriers and present you with the revolutionary advantages this technology represents. If you’re an EU business ready to move to the blockchain, you’ve come to the right place. We will custom-build the perfect solution for you and stay with you for support as your business grows and changes. We’re a European business too, and we’re here to help.

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