Compliance & GDPR

We power businesses around the world to be GDPR compliant.

  • Enable GDPR Compliance

    Europechain powers GDPR compliance for businesses around the world. By re-engineering how personal data is stored and giving ownership and access permission back to the user, it removes the risk and fear of costly breaches, and transforms the data you need for your business back into a asset rather than the liability you carry today.

  • Industry Expertise

    Our team of legal and cyber-security experts will support your business and guide you through the challanging and ever-changing compliance landscape which your businesses is facing.

  • Compliance Toolkit

    Europechain provides a European compliance toolkit, allowing organisations to ensure they are complying with Europepean regulations such as the GDPR. Once adopted, the compliance toolkit will enable your business to conduct PIAs, facilitate the right to be forgotten, and potentially avoid costly fines.


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