How To Create A Europechain Account
7 months ago

How To Create A Europechain Account

Creating a Europechain account is simple, and only requires a couple of easy steps. In this article, we explain the process from start to finish.

After you receive your Europechain invite code, follow these simple steps:

Adding Europechain to your Scatter networks

The first step in the process is downloading and installing Scatter, a cryptocurrency wallet which you will use to generate the keypairs for the account and which you will need to use your account in the future. Scatter can be downloaded from here. After downloading Scatter, install it and open it.

Select the Europechain network

Before you are able to use Europechain, we have to add the network. To do so, navigate to the ‘Networks’ tab on the left. On the networks page, activate Europechain by clicking on the button on the right of ‘Europechain (XEC) Mainnet’ (as can be seen in the image above). This will activate Europechain in Scatter.

Generating keys

The next step in the process is generating two keypairs for your account, which you will use to create the new account. We recommend generating two keypairs as you want your owner and active permissions to have different keys, as this is more secure. While you can use the same key for the owner and active permission, it is less secure and therefore not recommended to do so.

If you already have an account on any EOSIO chain, such as EOS, you can use the keys from that account to create an Europechain as well. If you do not have an account on an EOSIO chain, or would like to use new keys, follow the steps below.

Generating the keys

To start, open Scatter, login, and click ‘Generate Key’ at the bottom right of the application. Then select ‘EOSIO’ and choose ‘Text’. The private key will now show. Make sure to save the private key in a safe and secure place. Click ‘Back’ and give the key a name (by clicking on the options button on the right of the key), so you can easily recognize it in the future. Then repeat the process to generate the second key.

When you are done generating your keys, you can move on to the next step.

For maximum security, we recommend printing the keypair which you will use for the owner permission and storing it in a safe and secure (offline) place like a vault. You will only need this key if you lose access to the keypair which you have used for the active permission or if you wish to make any top-level account changes. If you do this, remember to remove the key from Scatter afterwards (and remove any trace of it from your device as well).

Creating a Europechain account using the account creation portal

Now you have added Europechain to your networks and have generated two keypairs, it’s time to create an account using the Europechain account creation portal. You can find the portal here.

Fill in the requested information to create an account

The account creation portal looks like the image above. To proceed, fill in the requested data. Your account name should consist of the letters a-z and the numbers 1–5 and needs to be 12 characters long. Make sure you use the public (not the private) key of your keypairs. These keys can be retrieved from Scatter by clicking on the menu button on the right of your key and selecting ‘Copy public key’ for each key.

After filling all of the (required) fields click ‘Create account’ at the bottom of the page. Your account will now get created.

Adding your account in Scatter

While your account has been created and is on Europechain, it is not yet added to Scatter. 

Adding your Europechain account to Scatter

To add your account in Scatter, click on the menu button on the right of your keypair in Scatter and select ‘Refresh accounts’. This will add your account to Scatter. Make sure to do this for both of your keypairs. You have now completed the Europechain account creation process and are able to start using your Europechain account!

Becoming a block producer or running a dApp

To become a BP or to run a dApp please contact us for your account permissions to be upgraded here.

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