Consulting & Advisory

Sifting through all the considerations that go into selecting the right blockchain protocol can be an R&D project within itself. Don't waste time getting your project to market trying out every protocol under the sun. Our team of blockchain experts has done the research and can help you find the solution to meet your requirements. 

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Compliance & GDPR

Compliance should be largely automated, and that is all made possible with the technology and tools the team at Europechain are building. If you have concerns about GDPR and your compliance processes, we can help guide your process and procedures with clarity and the experience EU businesses can trust.

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Public Blockchain

If your organisation has customers in the European Union, you must ensure GDPR compliance. Europechain offers a trusted, resilient environment for businesses to launch and scale applications while complying with EU legislation & regulation. This is not currently available in any public blockchain in the EU market.  

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Private Blockchains

A private blockchain is a permissioned, tamper-proof database, which is restricted to users with the relevant permission/access rights. Private blockchains are beneficial to organizations who need to control which partners can transact on the blockchain. Europechain is built to facilitate private blockchain networks on-demand. 

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Blockchain as a Service

Europechain's main objective is to increase adoption and help organisations realise the benefits of distributed ledger technology (DLT). We lower the barrier to entry by removing the complexity surrounding running, managing and hosting of blockchain environments. Our BaaS model offers affordable monthly payments which are billed in traditional fiat currencies.

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Training & Workshops

Getting the right people on the team and getting them trained to build on the public or private blockchain configuration you need can be an entire process within itself. We can help you get your team up to speed on the best way to deploy your project with customized workshops that are tailored to meet your unique needs of your business and project goals.

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Let’s build the future.

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