The Enterprise Blockchain Europe Needs: Purpose, Vision & Mission

The Enterprise Blockchain Europe Needs: Purpose, Vision & Mission

January 9, 2019

Blockchain technology is no longer a computer science project. The first blockchain emerged 10 years ago and the technology has changed drastically since its inception. With new blockchain software, such as EOSIO, blockchains are now many thousands of times faster than they were 10 years ago and they can even be completely carbon neutral. With high-speed transactions, completely unhackable security, native multi-signature features, and the fact that it costs less than a commercial server, businesses simply can not afford to ignore this technology and are continuously looking at ways to adopt it.

The truth is it isn’t that radical, though, it’s just better. Almost every web application is built upon SQL database technology, and Europechain aims to connect easily to existing SQL database technology. You can easily upgrade your infrastructure and we’ll help you through every step. After all, no matter how great the technology, it will not add value without being adopted.

Blockchain use cases

But blockchains have more use cases than just connecting to existing databases. They have already proven to be applicable in almost any industry, and it is, therefore, no surprise that major enterprises are looking for the best blockchain solution for their company. Whether your company focuses on accounting or supply chains, blockchain is often able to reduce costs and increase transparency.

To make blockchain technology even more interesting to enterprises, we are also building an application layer on top of Europechain. This application layer offers users tools such as FACT, a powerful tool to capture events and evidence and record them on Europechain for audit and traceability, and Wordproof, a WordPress plugin which allows users to authenticate the integrity of content on WordPress websites. Some other tools which we will be offering in the future include a privacy impact assessment tool and blockchain certification. These tools provide a simple yet powerful way for companies to further utilize blockchain technology in their operations.

Enterprise blockchain for Europe

Blockchain has been a global initiative, but as residents of the European Union, we wanted to create something more to serve the businesses around us. We decided to work together to support the businesses we use every day, our friends and neighbors across Europe. Europechain supports enterprises in being fully compliant with the GDPR regulations and all European Union laws because, without compliance, it does not matter how great the technology is. We want to remove all of the barriers these laws and regulations currently present for businesses trying to adopt blockchain technology and offer you the revolutionary advantages this technology brings to the table.

If you’re an EU business ready to move to the blockchain, you’ve come to the right place. We will custom-build the perfect solution for you and stay with you for support as your business grows and changes. We’re a European business too, and we’re here to help.

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