COVID-19 Monitoring Tool for Enterprise

COVID-19 Monitoring Tool for Enterprise

March 30, 2020

The spread of COVID-19 presents a major challenge to the global economy and enterprise community. More than ever, organizations need a way to monitor the workforce during this period of global uncertainty. This is why Europechain’s FACT App just released customizable COVID-19 Monitoring and Management Templates for Enterprises, Governments, and Healthcare agencies amidst the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. 

How It Works

FACT already offers customizable spreadsheets and checklists for remote workforce management. However, the new global crisis has prompted the creation of a new line of features specific to COVID-19 tracking; like symptom checker, contact tracing using GPS locations, real-time analytic dashboard, and data to pdf options to allow anyone from an employer, manager, doctor or nurse to instantly update, view or download any information the user wishes to be shared. The data is secured on Europechain, a GDPR compliant blockchain and protects the users’ identity by allowing only specific appointed persons access to the siloed data.

Blockchain Innovations for Pandemics

The COVID-19 Tracker showcases how this enterprise blockchain solution can be used by governments and healthcare professionals to help monitor, and potentially slow the spread of Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The app allows the capture, timestamping and automation of healthcare questions and processes. 

Europechain’s FACT for COVID-19 was developed to manage the unique problems facing world populations and the spread of the COVID-19 virus exponentially. The fast spread of the COVID-19 presents a global challenge and organizations have limited options to analyze how the workforce may be impacted. 

GDPR Compliant Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is a crucial focal point that needed to be addressed simply in an App, so we included things like symptom reporting, GPS heat maps of infected locations and push notifications to help the user, employer or doctor collect more hard data without violating important data protection and privacy laws like GDPR, aka, General Data Protection Regulation.

Issues like limited testing capabilities and the lack of resources in healthcare systems mean that businesses have currently no structured way to assess infection spread of employees or communities. It is very possible that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for the foreseeable future, having a profound impact on healthcare systems and the global business economy. Our App creates a way for things like immunity certificates or official antigen reports to be stored and updated on your smartphone rather than a piece of paper that could get lost or possibly destroyed.

We wanted to help make the solutions to this global crisis as simple and secure as possible, this is why we chose the FACT App.

 “Our solutions will be offered to enterprises, communities, and governments to assess the possible spread and may reduce the strain on healthcare professionals and allow for more effective resource allocation.”

– Rhett Oudkerk Pool, CEO, Europechain

Using customizable templates FACT allows enterprises to monitor general remote workforce wellbeing and work-related issue reporting. These easy-to-use and update templates are distributed among employees to track potential outbreaks or roadblocks, conduct risk assessments and distribute tasks or actions to employees. All working from home issues, employee wellness updates or any other internal content can be templated and rolled out to all WFH (work from home) employees instantly on FACT.

Request access and learn more about our latest feature on FACT, Enterprise-level management and tracking tool for COVID-19.

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