What is FACT?


FACT is a powerful tool to capture events and evidence and record the data as FACTs onto the blockchain for audit and traceability.


FACT is flexible and fully customisable to work with your existing processes. Simple for users, powerful for business.


FACT powered by Europechain delivers a toolbox for the recording of events using a simple smartform. Data is captured and then recorded on Europechain proving that what is recorded is factual and accurate.

Reduce paper based processes which increase efficiency, reduce overheads and as a result positively impact your bottom line.

With FACT you build a template for your process, roll it out and start using it that day. All data is secure, compliant and available when needed.

Always have access to up-to-date documents. Never deal with unreadable handwriting or missing forms again.

Turn your workflow into a smoothflow with FACT & Europechain.

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Our Vision

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Gather all of your compliance procedures into a single platform

Blockchain verified actions with built-in compliance, including:

  • Forms : Complete all forms, straight from mobile.

  • Observations: record observations and incidents in the field.

  • Actions: Assign and receive actions.

Powerful templates including:

  • Multiple question types

  • Date & time stamp

  • Include photo, video and speech recordings

  • Annotation

  • QR & NFC codes

  • Electronic signatures

FACT Is available with templates for the following Industries:

Oil, Gas and Energy


Industrial Sector 


Real Estate




Health & Hygiene



For more information, book a live demo and see how FACT can help you and your business. sales@europechain.io