Blockchain Spirit Event in Barcelona, Spain

Blockchain Spirit Event in Barcelona, Spain

February 26, 2020

The Europechain team is very proud to be a supporter of the Blockchain Spirit Barcelona event on the 27th of Feb 2020. As a part of the wider Tech Spirit initiative, which aims to bring the tech and innovation community together to discuss emerging technologies and some of the exciting projects that are happening around the globe. 

Blockchain Spirit was born in a Telegram group that was created during the weekend of February 15 and 16 with more than 200 participants. This is where the idea of ​​organizing a blockchain event that brings together companies in the sector to create synergies and grow the ecosystem was brewed. A few days later the idea has become a reality thanks to the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce which proposed to support the event within the Cambra Tech Spirit day along with three other sessions covering 5G, Smart Cities, IoT and LEO technology.

Catalonia and Spain are fast becoming a hub for blockchain and DEFI startups and Europechain is proud to support this vibrant and growing community. Europechain Co-Founder, and eosBarcelona CEO, Josep Rosich has been instrumental in raising awareness for enterprise blockchain in Europe in the region for the past two years. Josep regularly hosts meet-ups and events discussing the benefits of blockchain for business and introducing some of the exciting projects being worked on in the Space. 

The cancellation of the MWC was unfortunate, but we were all overwhelmed with the response from the Barcelona tech community. We (Europechain) are proud to support this event in such an iconic venue

Joesp Riosch, Business Development, Europechain

The Blockchain Spirit event will be held in the beautiful Casa Llotja de Mar (1 Passeig d’Isabel II Barcelona) and will be divided into tracks between the morning and afternoon. Morning talks will be about what this technology means for the future Internet as a society. Afternoon talks will be about decentralized projects, DEFI startups and tech-related to any kind of public or private blockchain

CEO of Europechain, Rhett Oudkerk Pool said – “As the Mobile World Congress was canceled earlier this month, it was fantastic to see the mobilization of the tech community to put on a replacement event. Europechain are happy to support the event as it is a testament to the passion and commitment of the Barcelona Blockchain Community”

Alongside Europechain, other notable sponsors include; Jelurida, developer of the Ardor blockchain platform and pioneer in the consensus-as-a-service model. ABAST and Oracle, are going to present a demo WEDO Industry 4.0, in which anyone can see how an asset can be tracked using physical sensors recording all the events happening to the asset in the blockchain. And a Spanish startup Mobs, which offers collaborative video solutions for events will cover the whole event by producing real-time collaborative videos to disseminate them on social networks.

For more information register on the event event website and learn more about blockchain technology, its current and future use cases, and applications while visiting one of the most notable buildings in Barcelona, ​​Casa Llotja de Mar.

This is an open event for people of all backgrounds who may want to learn more about blockchain and hear from industry experts about the innovations in this exciting technology. 

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