Europechain Wins Blockchain Adoption Award At AIBCSUMMIT 2019

Europechain Wins Blockchain Adoption Award At AIBCSUMMIT 2019

July 15, 2019

EU-trusted enterprise-grade blockchain Europechain, has been awarded the Blockchain Adoption Ambassador award at the second edition of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit.

The summit was a major success and attracted over 5500 attendees and speakers from around the world, with various prominent names such as Tone Vays, Roger Ver, Larry Sanger, and Vinay Gupta attending and giving keynotes.

In order to win the title, Europechain fought off the tough competition to make it to the final cut, before winning the overall award. Europechain CEO was Rhett Oudkerk Pool was delighted with the award and said the following: “To be selected as a top Blockchain Adoption Ambassador is truly wonderful for Europechain.”
Europechain is an initiative by five European EOSIO block producers, aiming to create the world’s first GDPR and AML5-compliant public blockchain. Europechain offers enterprise clients both public and private chains, is SEPA-compatible, and offers procurement teams normal terms of business, removing some of the risk associated with adopting this new and innovative technology.

“At Europechain we believe that in order for blockchain adoption to happen at an enterprise level, we need to offer a wide variety of products and services that are properly governed, compliant with EU laws, with low transaction costs, robust yet simple developer tools, and a growing ecosystem of supporters, ambassadors, and decentralized applications.”

Accelerating market adoption using applications

“To further accelerate market adoption, we are planning to launch several applications on top Europechain. One of these applications is WordProof, an app which connects the WordPress ecosystem to the Europechain mainnet, allowing users to proof authenticity and ownership of their content.  Another application which is set to launch soon on Europechain is FACT, a process management tool that massively improves and transforms the way enterprise collect, share, and analyse data.”, Europechain CEO Rhett Oudkerk Pool added.

In addition to the many great keynotes and awards ceremony, the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit also included a packed expo floor, which proved to be a highlight for many of the 5500+ delegates who attended the summit, providing them with invaluable networking opportunities. The event has proven to be a great success for everyone involved.

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