Vouchers linked to Smart Contracts

GiftVoucher secures codes using Distributed Ledger Technology to prevent fraud and eliminate double-spending. Utilizing smart contracts and escrow services to further protect consumer funds and the verification of ownership.


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Verified Vouchers Only.

GiftVoucher allows businesses to add voucher codes to the Europechain blockchain for security and validity checks prior to payment.

Simple to use
Link your business vouchers to a modern smart contract in just a few simple steps.
Quick Promotions
Discount, Special Offers and Product Vouchers allow for effective promotion and sales.
Voucher Reporting
Reporting dashboard to track real–time sales allowing you to drill down monthly reports.
Easy to Redeem

Gain easy access to Voucher Redemptions using web and mobile devices.

GiftVouchers are purchased online with instant email verification and all voucher codes are secured on the Europechain blockchain.

GiftVoucher links your offer to a smart contract in 3 simple steps.


Sign Up

Go to and sign up to create an account.

Enter Data

Fill in Company Name, Address, Website & Stripe Account info.

Paste a Link

Add your voucher link to your website and start selling!

Case Study

Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI)

The Restaurants Association of Ireland has over 3000 members and is now offering a universal voucher redeemable in all participating member venues. The RAI Listings site allows end-users to search for participating restaurants by location broken down by province.
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Adrian Cummins

"The RAI is proud to offer a nationwide restaurant voucher for all our participating members, the platform developed by eosDublin powered by Europechain offers us a level of trust and transparency needed to ensure our members and their customers enjoy this offering and that funds are safe and secure. We were excited to hear that the platform was being built using class-leading technology and are proud to be part of this initiative. And look forward to building on our initial success for the years to come."

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