GDPR Compliant Enterprise Blockchain, Europechain, Goes Live

GDPR Compliant Enterprise Blockchain, Europechain, Goes Live

July 15, 2019

Over the past months we have been working tirelessly to build a new blockchain network which is capable of supporting enterprise needs, while adhering to European regulations. In addition, we aimed to solve existing problems with blockchain technology, and to futureproof our technology.

The launch of the Europechain public blockchain

We are proud to announce that the Europechain public blockchain has officially launched on the 7th of August 2019, and has been running very smoothly and without any problems. The blockchain and all the transactions on it can be found either here, or here.

The main issues Europechain solves

Europechain’s main focus is being a GDPR compliant enterprise blockchain, but Europechain is more than just that. It solves the following problems:

  • Lack of both accountability and transparency. Europechain provides accountability, as well as transparency, through advanced permissions.
  • Lack of GDPR compliance. Europechain provides native GDPR compliance support.
  • Enterprises do not want to deal with crypto balances and related accounting challenges, therefore Europechain offers invoicing in fiat.
  • Web 3.0 lacks capacity, education, and solution delivery. The experienced Europechain team provides this.
  • Lack of formal certification. Europechain aims to offer formal certification in the future.

Overcoming these issues is key if blockchain technology wants to gain any mainstream adoption.

The features of the Europechain public blockchain

As can be seen above, Europechain solves many of the challenges enterprises are currently facing when trying to integrate blockchain technology into their products and services. But what features does Europechain offer exactly?

  • Europechain uses the latest, fastest, and most scalable blockchain software currently available, making scaling issues and a lack of capacity, problems of the past.
  • Europechain is operated by a network of highly capable block producers located in Europe.
  • Focus on GDPR compliance and data privacy.
  • Invoicing in fiat.
  • Application layer on top of Europechain to provide various essential applications.

We believe these features make Europechain one of the most attractive blockchains for enterprises in Europe looking to use blockchain technology. No matter what industry you are operating in, once you are ready to upgrade your infrastructure to blockchain technology, we will be able to guide you and provide you with the things you need along the way.

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