WordProof & GDPR Compliant Timestamps: The Europechain Partnership

WordProof & GDPR Compliant Timestamps: The Europechain Partnership

August 15, 2019

Europechain is the first reseller of WordProof, bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the world of online content. Together, Europechain and WordProof will be working towards GDPR-compliant future powered by blockchain technology!

What is WordProof?

WordProof allows WordPress users to use blockchain technology to protect their digital content. WordPress is a clear example of a community that is much stronger than any other commercial company.

With more than 100 million sites using the technology,  and thousands of open-source developers, WordPress is dominating 32.5% of the worldwide Content Management System market.

Wordproof & Europechain Partnership

The purpose of WordProof is to generate the an easy, yet effective WordPress to blockchain bridge, bringing the benefits of blockchain technology to the WordPress community in a user-friendly way.

“In five years from now, if you don’t timestamp your articles on the blockchain, you’re going to be considered a fraud”

– Brendan Blumer, Co-founder & CEO, Block One

WordProof Timestamp is the first product by the WordProof team. The timestamping tool lets users timestamp their content on the blockchain, allowing them and others to verify the authenticity and integrity of the content. A full explanation of how the tool works can be seen in the video below.

A shared background in open source and GDPR

Both Europechain and WordProof have a major focus on open source and GDPR, making this partnership an excellent match. Europechain is a GDPR-compliant blockchain platform powered by the open-source EOSIO protocol, on which WordProof has been deployed. Europechain supports GDPR compliance by design.

WordProof founder, Sebastiaan van der Lans, is also a familiar face in the open-source and GDPR space. In 2006, Sebastiaan founded the WordPress agency ‘Van Ons’, a leading WordPress agency in Amsterdam.

His team created the WordPress plugin “WP GDPR Compliance” which has been downloaded 1.2M times and is active on more than 100,000 websites, protecting tens of millions of European website visitors in an open source way.

Europechain founder Rhett Oudkerk Pool and Sebastiaan have known each other since the beginning of 2018 and both have been active members of the EOSIO community since then. Having been at the inception of WordProof, Rhett and his team know the WordProof Timestamp product range inside out.

Blockchain and GDPR

Much has been made of the fundamental incompatibility of GDPR and blockchains, which are, after all, immutable databases. However, a combination of carefully applied tools and methodologies preserves the benefits of blockchain while satisfying the need for privacy compliance. This is done by sharing the responsibility between the data processors and data controllers — by those running infrastructure, and those building and running applications on the blockchain.

Blockchain can be a useful tool in assuring GDPR compliance. In the case of GDPR’s “right to be forgotten”, blockchain can be used to verify, immutably, that a company has deleted an individual’s personal information, providing a digitally notarized reference for the deletion.

Contact [email protected] for more information on time-stamping with WordProof on Europechain, the GDPR supporting EOSIO blockchain.

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