January 21, 2022

The Relationship Between NFTs And Physical Assets

The relationship between NFTs and the physical world can be very vague. In this article we demystify the relationship between the two and discuss the possibilities!

January 8, 2022

Playing For Value: The Play-To-Earn Model And Top 5 Blockchain Games

The gaming industry is entering a new era, with blockchain gaming growing faster than ever. But what are the benefits, and how does it benefit the players?

October 30, 2021

Top 5 Most Interesting NFT use cases (Part 2)

NFTs can do it all, ranging from digitalizing horse races to transforming the gaming and art industry. In this article we discuss more interesting NFT use cases

October 17, 2021

Top 5 Most Interesting NFT Use Cases (Part 1)

NFTs have a wide range of use cases, with many interesting use cases being explored right now. In this article we discuss some of the most interesting ones!

September 27, 2021

Enhancing Supply Chains Using NFTs

The global supply chain is crucial for the delivery of everything we use daily. Can NFTs tackle some of the tricky issues surrounding supply chains?

September 19, 2021

NFTs For The Hospitality Industry – Travel

NFTs have a wide range of use cases in the travel industry which are mostly unexplored. Learn more about the most interesting ones in this article!

Food Industry Compliance Tools
August 29, 2021

NFTs For The Hospitality Industry – Restaurants

NFTs are set to transform the hospitality industry in various ways. In this article, we discuss how NFTs can provide benefits to restaurants in a bunch of ways!

August 14, 2021

NFTs For The Hospitality Industry – Hotels

NFTs open up many opportunities in various industries, such as the hospitality industry. Learn more about how NFTs can transform hotels, and hotel ownership!

August 1, 2021

NFTs For Real Estate: The Next Revolution?

Real estate dynamics have changed relatively little over the last few decades. Can NFTs become the next revolution in the real estate industry?

July 16, 2021

How NFTs Can Benefit From Digital Identities

Proving the origins of something can often be very difficult, especially in the anonymous digital space. Can digital identities combat this problem?

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