Enterprise Tools for COVID-19

FACT offers new tools to help Enterprises, Governments and Healthcare agencies manage remote workforce by capturing events or symptoms, as well as, record useful data to gain better oversight on workflow and health.

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Connecting Workforce to Management.

FACT allows the creation of templates that can be distributed among employees to track potential outbreaks, conduct risk assessments and distribute tasks and actions throughout your organisation.
Employee Wellness 

Anonymised data reporting capability to assess the impact of COVID-19 to the workforce   

Remote Work Support

Actively manage issues relating to remote working and monitor the productivity of staff 

Connecting Healthcare to at-risk Communities.

Hospitals, government agencies, and researchers can monitor potential outbreaks and ensure compliance with social distancing measures. Europechain FACT comes with GPS integration and can facilitate barcode and Near Field Communication (NFC) tagging. 

Risk Management 

Build aggregated reports to track the potential spread and monitor the symptomatic population by region

Contact Tracing 

Community based contact monitoring with daily distribution of checklists and action reports  


Health Tracking

Daily checklists for occupational health and monitoring of employee well-being.

Remote Work Management

Daily progress trackers and issue logging functionality.

Rapid Deployment

Once your templates and org structure have been configured you can go live the same day.

Need Some Help?

Want help setting up your COVID-19 FACT workflows? Let our team do the heavy lifting.

Rhett Oudkerk Pool
CEO Europechain

"FACT will allow capture, timestamping and automation of business processes and will enable organizations to monitor the productivity and wellbeing of the workforce during this period of uncertainty..."

Take a sneak peak.

Have a closer look at an example of the daily COVID-19 Symptom Log 

Versions for both Apple iPhone and Android devices are available.
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