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Take control of your identity.

My.D is a secure data vault and identity management tool to allow for more efficient control of who has access to your data and why.

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Your Data is an Asset.

Data preservation and control is the next phase of compliance. Data security measures and complying with regulations such as GDPR mean that storing personal data has become a huge potential liability.

Easy to Use
Simple access, tracking, and complete control your data from the palm of your hand.

Rest assured that your data is safe and only accessible to those you give access to. 

Benefits for businesses & users

My.D is very versatile and benefits both users and businesses in various ways, by increasing control and ownership for users, and by lowering costs for businesses.


Easy digital identity management

Instead of shattered identities across the web, enjoy the benefit of a single, clear identity with as much personal data as you want.

Control and ownership over personal data

Easily share your data and determine who has access to which data, and for how long they are able to use it.


Reduce data security costs

Instead of spending significant amounts of money to protect data, reduce the amount of data that is stored and gain access to the data in a convenient matter.

Prevent data related liabilities

By storing less data, many data storage challenges and costs can be avoided. It also ensures data related liabilities are an issue of the past.

Why My.D?

Created by the Europechain founders, My.D is a better solution for identity management. It is supported by a wide range of partners.

  • EOS Amsterdam
  • eosDublin
  • Cryptolions
  • Dutch EOS

Take a sneak peak.

My.D provides many features to simplify your identity management experience.


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