Public Blockchain

Build your application and business on the Europechain public network.

  • What is a Public Blockchain?

    A Public Blockchain allows open interaction and transacting in a peer-to-peer environment. The network is decentralized and no one party has control of the chain or the computing resources. Europechain has a clearly defined governance structure as outlined in the Europechain Charter, part of which includes the mechanism to update governance processes to remain agile and resilient.

  • Why use a Public Blockchain?

    Tranactions on a public blockchain are open and verfiable to all parties on the network. Maintaining this open environment allows trade and transactions to happen in a transparent and trusted way. By leveraging these new ways of architecting systems, communities and businesses and interoperate to change the world around us.

  • Why Europechain?

    If an organisation has customers in the European Union, they must ensure GDPR compliance. Europechain offers a trusted, resilient environment for businesses to launch and scale applications while complying with EU legislation & regulation. We have a vibrant developer community and a network of reputable block producers allowing businesses to utilize the power of blockchain 3.0 while ensuring organizational compliance.


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