The Europechain RapidPoC is a unique project delivery methodology designed for businesses to assess the feasibility of blockchain technology by providing a working prototype in a short space of time.

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Does my business need a blockchain?

From agile start-ups to non-profit organizations, educational institutions or large corporate multi-nationals, the RapidPoC approach is suitable for any entity who is looking to explore blockchain technology to boost their own product offering, enhance their internal operations or explore the many new business models that blockchain has now made possible. Our experts are here to breakdown the ‘how and why’ blockchain technology could be beneficial for your business.

Tailor-made Blockchain Solutions

The RapidPoC model allows businesses to explore a bleeding-edge technology without the need for huge resource and time allocation. Traditional implementation methods can be cumbersome and take a long time to deliver, RapidPoC projects typically run from 6-12 weeks depending on exact requirements.

How RapidPoC works

The Europechain delivery methodology consists of four distinct phases in which the project will be managed and deployed. The RapidPOC offering is based on international project management standards and derived from industry best practices, continuously refined over the decade’s experience of the Europechain team.



We conduct analysis and work to develop clear project and system specifications. All infrastructure and architecture requirements will be scoped and defined by our technical consultants at this stage.



We design the necessary APIs, Blockchain Infrastructure, Smart Contract specification, and any other required components such as GUI and front-end design.



Develop and deploy the application, smart contracts, tokenomics models (if required) etc... Alpha testing will be conducted followed by a customer-driven Beta Testing Phase.



Full application deployment support as the POC moves to the Go-Live phase. Functional testing and User Training will be provided prior to pushing the application to live.

We create Industry Solutions for…


Energy Industry

From oil and gas, solar, wind and hydropower, we build compliant blockchain solutions that cater to your industry needs and demands.

Government Systems

Ensuring data authenticity while protecting citizen information, by using a trustless system to maintain the accuracy of public records.

Transport & Travel

A strategic mix of IoT, AI, and smart contracts streamline the transportation industry. Lose the micro fees, gain GDPR compliance.

Agriculture Industrial

We offer an infrastructure that optimizes Supply Chains using smart contracts, lower transaction fees and instant updates.

Real Estate

Streamlining core CRE operations like property and management transactions which include sale, purchase, leasing, and financing.


Streamline sensitive data across organizations securely, enabling patients to control their medical data increasing the quality of care.

What our Clients think…

Our RapidPoC offers EU businesses the opprotunity to embrace blockchain technology and use it’s benefits to better their business models.

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