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The founding Europechain teams have been involved in blockchain for a number of years and have been providing consulting and development to organizations around the globe.

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Professional Blockchain Consultants

Our blockchain consulting and advisory team consist of Ph.D. level software engineers, legal professionals, Cybersecurity experts, and large enterprise consultants. We can run a bespoke consulting program, engage in proof of concept or proof of technology projects to suit a wide variety of customers.

Blockchain Advising and Consulting Experts

We live and breathe blockchain all day, seven days a week yet we also understand that blockchain technology can be difficult for most. Many industries are starting to realize the potential of blockchain tech, but often lack the knowledge or expertise to utilize it to its fullest potential.

That is where we can help, the Europechain team is skilled in helping you determine where blockchain technology will make the biggest impact in your business and will provide you with the tools, as well as, the information you need to make the implementation of this new technology successful.


Experienced Team

Our solutions are delivered by a team of seasoned professionals with a strong background in various different industries.


Enabling Business

We have a wide range of tools available, ready to be used in all kinds of industries and products.


Rapid Solutions

Utilizing our well-designed processes, we’re able to arrive at a sufficient solution for your problem quickly.


Recognizing Value

Through our thorough research we are able to help you determine where your company benefits most from using blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technology Solutions for Enterprise Industries


Transport & Travel

A strategic mix of IoT, AI, and smart contracts streamline the transportation industry. Lose the micro fees, gain GDPR compliance.

Energy Industry

From oil and gas to solar, wind, and hydropower, we build compliant blockchain solutions that cater to the needs of the Energy Industry.

Government Systems

Ensuring data authenticity while protecting citizen information, by using a trustless system to maintain the accuracy of public records.


Streamline sensitive data across organizations securely, enabling patients to control their medical data increasing the quality of care.

Agriculture Industrial

Build an infrastructure that optimizes supply chains using smart contracts, lowering transaction fees and ensuring instant updates.

Real Estate

Streamlining core CRE operations like property and management transactions which include sale, purchase, leasing, and financing.

Why Industry Professionals Choose Europechain…

Europechain is dedicated to providing blockchain consulting and advisory that helps companies unleash the potential of blockchain technology in their business models.

Rapid PoC

Need to build out a Proof of Concept quickly? Our Rapid PoC
service allows you to quickly and cost effectively scale up
and validate solutions for your company without the
headaches commonly associated with blockchain projects.

Want to be a Europechain partner?

Europechain is interested in strategic partnerships with other
businesses based in the EU. We should talk.
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