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Europechain provides blockchain training and workshops that offer both the technical and business side of your company with essential knowledge about blockchain technology.

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Tailored Blockchain Workshops and Training

A lot of companies are starting to implement blockchain technology, but fully grasping the implications and consequences of using this new technology can be challenging. The Europechain team is able to provide employees of varying technical ability with essential information relevant to their tasks and duties, allowing them to better understand blockchain technology and how it can solve their problems.

Suiting Your Needs

Using our extensive knowledge, we adapt our training and workshops to suit the needs of your company, regardless of the industry.


Experienced Team

Our training and workshops are delivered by a team of professionals with a strong background in many different industries.



During our workshops or training, we provide employees and management with the necessary information for future reference.


Efficient & Effective

The blockchain training and workshops are designed to be both cost-effective and time-efficient, suiting the needs of your company.

Europechain offers global (and remote) Blockchain Workshops and Training tailored for your Enterprise, University, or Company.

Blockchain Workshops and Training for Enterprises and more.


Travel & Transportation

A strategic mix of IoT, AI, and smart contracts streamline the transportation industry. Lose the micro fees, gain GDPR compliance.

Energy Industry

From oil and gas, solar, wind and hydropower, we build compliant blockchain solutions that cater to your industry needs and demands.

Government Systems

Ensuring data authenticity while protecting citizen information, by using a trustless system to maintain the accuracy of public records.


Streamline sensitive data across organizations securely, enabling patients to control their medical data increasing the quality of care.

Agriculture Industrial

We offer an infrastructure that optimizes Supply Chains using smart contracts, lower transaction fees and instant updates.

Real Estate

Streamlining core CRE operations like property and management transactions which include sale, purchase, leasing, and financing.

Why Enterprises Choose Europechain…

We take pride in our client and partner successes using blockchain technology, your success is our success.

Rapid PoC

Need to build out a Proof of Concept quickly? Our Rapid PoC
service allows you to quickly and cost effectively scale up
and validate solutions for your company without the
headaches commonly associated with blockchain projects.

Want to be a Europechain partner?

Europechain is interested in strategic partnerships with other
businesses based in the EU. We should talk.
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