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GDPR Compliance

Europechain is a GDPR compliant blockchain offering the benefits of blockchain while also satisfying the need for privacy compliance in the EU.

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GDPR Blockchain Compliance built in.

Much has been made of the fundamental incompatibility of GDPR and blockchains, which are, after all, immutable databases. However, a combination of carefully applied tools and methodologies preserve the benefits of blockchain while satisfying the need for privacy compliance.

The responsibility is carefully shared by the data processors and data controllers, by those running Europechain infrastructure, and those building and running applications on it. This is how Europechain is able to offer your business GDPR compliant blockchain solutions for both private and public blockchains.

How Europechain GDPR compliant blockchain solutions compare with traditional blockchains…

  1. Europechain Blockchains

  2. Compliant with EU regulation by design
  3. High data security through advanced permission structures
  4. Various tools to help you remain compliant
  5. Supported and maintained by an experienced team
  1. Traditional Blockchains

  2. Not compliant with EU regulation
  3. Medium data security and no permissions structure
  4. No compliance-supporting tools
  5. Lack support from an experienced central entity

How GDPR works on Europechain

Europechain, built on EOSIO DPoS software, is an example of a blockchain that is compatible with GDPR.
On Europechain, the dApps are data controllers who must conclude a processing agreement with Europechain (the data processor). Along with the processing agreements, dApps must also complete the Europechain Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), which will assess the compliance of the dApp and will allow transparency.


GDPR Secured Data

We are a highly secure & GDPR compliant blockchain solutions company tailoring options to fit your needs.


Custom Stack Configuration

Your distributed ledger infrastructure and smart contracts are customized to be cost efficient for your business.


Quickly Deployed Blockchains

Launching blockchains while you sleep, our custom BaaS model deploys secured blockchains fast.


Personalized Monitoring Tools

Our monitoring tools allow you simple access to oversee how we maintain your new blockchain infrastructure.

Introducing Europechain PIA

Europechain PIA leverages the open source Privacy Impact Assessment solution from CNIL and is used to assess the compliance of applications. Through this tool, we will ensure conformance with applicable legal, regulatory, and policy requirements for privacy, and allow for fast deployment of value-add solutions.

We offer GDPR Compliant Blockchain Solutions for Enterprises.


Energy Industry

From oil and gas, solar, wind and hydropower, we build compliant blockchain solutions that cater to your industry needs and demands.

Government Systems

Ensuring data authenticity while protecting citizen information, by using a trustless system to maintain the accuracy of public records.

Transport & Travel

A strategic mix of IoT, AI, and smart contracts streamline the transportation industry. Lose the micro fees, gain GDPR compliance.

Real Estate

Streamlining core CRE operations like property and management transactions which include sale, purchase, leasing, and financing.

Healthcare Systems

Keep patient's sensitive data across all partners and organizations GDPR compliant and secured using custom layered permissions on accessibility.


We offer Supply Chain optimizing infrastructures that lower transaction fees, & offer instant updates using smart contracts.

Clients maintain GDPR compliance with our blockchain services.

Our GDPR blockchain solution allows European business owners the opportunity to embrace blockchain technology and use its benefits to better their business models.

Rapid PoC

Need to build out a Proof of Concept quickly? Our Rapid PoC
service allows you to quickly and cost effectively scale up
and validate solutions for your company without the
headaches commonly associated with blockchain projects.

Want to be a Europechain partner?

Europechain is interested in strategic partnerships with other
businesses based in the EU. We should talk.
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