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When data privacy and security is mission critical, meet all your business, customer and compliance goals with a permissioned private blockchain by Europechain.

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Private Blockchains For Enterprises

Private blockchains are permissioned by design and preserve user privacy while still providing the immutability and auditability associated with public blockchains. They are often used when data can not be put on a public blockchain or when security is essential. Industries that benefit from permissioned private blockchains are large multi-national organizations, financial institutions, healthcare providers, supply chains, and governmental applications.

Infrastructure Configuration

We craft your private distributed ledger infrastructure and smart contracts to be lean as well as cost-effective.


Data Protection & Security

Europechain offers multi-level security and makes protecting your data easy, suiting your business needs.


Compliant By Design

Our private blockchains are designed to be compliant with EU regulation while maintaining the immutability.


Transparency & Accountability

Our wide range of monitoring and permission tools make transparency and accountability easy.

Our Private Blockchain Key Features…


Permission System

Ensure transparency, security, and accountability through an advanced yet easy-to-use permission management system.

Secure Data

Protect data from unauthorized access and from being lost with the help of blockchain technology.

Complete Control

Decide your own rules, appoint your own authorized actors, and gain valuable insights into your processes.

Custom Specifications

Customize your private blockchain to suit your needs and adapt as you grow or change.

Experienced Node Operators

Choose from a list of experienced node operators around the EU to run your private blockchain.

Streamline Processes

Improve the speed and transparency of your processes, while lowering costs at the same time.

We customize for you.

Our purpose built private blockchain services allow business owners the opportunity to embrace the benefits of a distributed ledger in a private, compliant configuration.

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